Are Texas Republicans targeting liberal cities?

There are those on the left who think Texas Republicans in the legislature are targeting liberal cities because of their policies.

And they think that because laws have been passed like the one against sanctuary cities. Another law they consider an attack would be the privacy act if it is passed in the special session. New Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey tells KTRH it's not a targeting effort, it's a response to what's already been done.

“It has been proven by their actions that there is almost no freedom and liberty that Democrats don’t love taking away from citizens,” Dickey said.

And he says cities and some counties in Texas think they have more power than they really do.

“Cities have decided that they are themselves these little fiefdoms that can upend the status quo at will,” Dickey explained.

And he says the states have the right to put a stop to that, which is simply what we are seeing state Republicans do.

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