POLL: Repeal... Not Replace

Four Republican senators have now said they will not vote for the GOP's health care reform bill, which effectively kills the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says lawmakers will now vote on a plan that will repeal the "Affordable Healthcare Act" without replacing it.

In a spring interview with Time Magazine, McConnell said opposition to a replacement plan was akin to voting for the status quo...

"I would hate to be a Republican whose vote prevented us from keeping the commitment we've made to the American people for almost ten years now... I'm optimistic that none of my members in the end want to be responsible for the status quo of Obamacare."

But Gerry Kominski, Director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, tells ABC News a straight repeal would leave millions without health coverage...

"There are currently about 12 to 13-million people buying health insurance in exchanges across the country. And about ten-million of them receive subsidies to buy insurance."

Eight other Republican senators were already on the fence about the latest "repeal and replace" effort.

If passed, the repeal-only plan would take effect in two years.

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