Leftists are trying to Censor the News

While leftists on Broadway tell us the Trump administration is like "1984," the Associated Press is involved in actual 'newspeak.' Rachel Alexander is with "The Hill."

"It's a bias against conservatives and it's getting worse every year."

If the AP has its way, words like terrorist, refugee and pro-life will be censored from news copy.

The AP stylebook is in most newsrooms as a guide on how to write news stories.

"I think the AP stylebook changes are not so much to guide word choices in terms of accuracy as much as they are to guide ideology."

Media professor Jeff McCall says just the facts, please.

"The AP should try to work harder to just describe things in common language that the average news consumer can understand and try to get out of trying to sanitize reality or provide alternate realities."

In the past the AP has advised reporters not to write illegal immigrant or alien.

Now the AP style book is warning against the use of words like migrant, pro-life, and terrorist.

"The propagandists throughout history have made a hay day out of labeling people or labeling causes and providing word choices that suit their purposes; I think the AP needs to be careful that they're not engaging in what could come off as propagandizement."

Professor McCall says the AP needs to focus on telling stories without worrying about having to cow-tow to leftist pressure to be politically correct.

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