Republicans putting together plan to cut legal immigration

Keeping yet another campaign promise, President Trump will reportedly support a Republican Senate bill that would significantly cut legal immigration.

That bill, which is being proposed by a group of Republicans including Tom Cotton of Arkansas, would cut legal immigration by fifty percent until the year 2027. David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform likes the plan.

“Traditionally the United States has admitted about 300 thousand immigrants a year. That’s the most generous immigration policy on the planet. Our levels over the last several decades have been well over a million a year,” Ray explained.

And Ray says this is all about what Trump has been saying for over a year now; his promise to put "America first."

“President Trump is the type of leader who can stand up for the American people on this very controversial issue and push for a policy that is truly in the national interest,” Ray stated.

If the current projections are right, the migrant population of the United States will hit 15% by 2023. As of now, we are at 13.5%.

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