POLL: Are Inheritance Laws outdated?

Some people, particularly kids, would rather text than talk. But a British proposal may be taking it too far: texting your will.

South Texas College of Law Houston Professor Josh Blackman has a text response to the idea.

"I think my response is LOL."

Blackman says it probably won't happen here and probably not in the U.K., either.

"It's a crazy idea; imagine if someone gets your cell phone or maybe spoofs your phone number or logs into your WhatsApp account, right, and sends a document and then you die?"

Its supporters say current inheritance law is outdated and an unnecessary burden for the digital age.

"Again, we still have the ability to have a written will that's not signed by other people and we can even have an oral will in some very rare circumstances, but that's the exception and not the rule."

Blackman says there are just too many security issues to allow wills by text.

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