Texas Seeks Returns of Medicaid for Women’s Healthcare

Texas is asking the Trump administration to undue President Barack Obama's decision to block federal funding for womens’ healthcare.

The Obama administration cut off $35 million in Medicaid when the state refused to fund Planned Parenthood, then started its own Healthy Texas Women program without the money.

“We stand by our principal, and we would rather fund it ourselves than be funding Planned Parenthood, so that's what Texas has been doing for the past six years,” says Emily Horne, policy analyst with Texas Right to Life.

Horne believes the current administration will restore that funding.

“This is mostly run through the Medicaid office anyway, and they've been operating rather independently I think, so we'll see if that kind of escapes the budget mess up there,” she says.

If approved, current womens' health services in Texas would continue, but with federal dollars instead of state. 

“We've been more than happy to fund it due to our commitment to womens' health, we've been more than happy to fund that with state dollars, but we're hoping that's not necessary if this request goes through.”

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