Gov. Abbott Schedules “Major Announcement”

Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to formally announce his bid for re-election in San Antonio Friday afternoon.

Social conservatives within the Texas GOP think Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick should challenge Abbott -- especially if the so-called bathroom bill fails in the special session.

“Whatever circumstances unfold in the special session won't change the outcome for Gov. Abbott,” says political strategist Bill Miller of Austin-based HillCo Partners.  “He's going to announce, he's going to run and he will win.”

Miller believes Patrick will stick to his word and stay put. 

“I doubt seriously that any Republican of any stripe will challenge him and right now it looks like the Democrats are going to have a hard time finding a candidate that wants to throw themself in the road, Abbott  is close to a sure thing that you'll find,” he says.

But that doesn't mean there won't be a play for House Speaker.

“The Senate is overwhelmingly conservative and in control of Patrick,” he says.  “So the fight is in the House and it will be around Rep. Joe Strauss.”

Miller believes none of this should affect Abbott who already boasts a $34 million war chest.

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