For Vacation: All-Inclusive Resort, or Do It On Your Own?

Spending your vacation at an all-inclusive resort can take away many of the stressful choices you need to make. If you want to make up your own mind on what to see and do, that may not be for you.

Houston-based Woodlake Travel's VP of Sales Linda de Sosa says most destinations will cost more during the holidays.

“When it's cold, because you've got all the northerners going down there,” de Sosa says. “It's also more expensive if it's not an all-adult resort in the summer because the kids are in school.”

All-inclusive resort prices can range from basic, to more than $450 per person, per night, or more.

The calendar can play a role in prices.

“The prices go down when the kids are back in school,” she says. That’s true for resorts or air fares.

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