Trump starting to change judicial system

President Donald Trump has started to change the way the judiciary is composed.

It's not just the Supreme Court vacancy he inherited. He has over 100 vacancies to fill in other federal courts. University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus tells KTRH that's where policy is really made.

“The bulk of the legal issues that are decided in this country are decided at the district and circuit court level,” Rottinghaus said.

And of course, there are issues that will impact Texas directly these new judges will be dealing with; issues like Voter ID and the Sanctuary Cities Bill. Rottinghaus says it's been a while since a President had the chance to have this kind of impact.

“President Reagan really stands out as one of the most profound shapers of the judiciary in the last couple of decades,” Rottinghaus stated.

And that may be the true legacy of any President; that he can shape policy for decades after he leaves office.

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