Net Neutrality may not be what You think it is

This is the "Net Neutrality Day of Action" and critics say much of the reporting you'll hear about it is fake news. They say it's a wolf in sheep's clothing; that Net Neutrality is really about increasing government control of content.

The Heritage Foundation's James Gattuso is concerned about commerce.

"What the left wants to do is ban pricing in this marketplace."

Gattuso says lefties want the government to be able to choose winners and losers.

"That would kill the marketplace, it would kill the Internet as a marketplace; if they succeed it would be a body blow to the Internet itself."

Gattuso says ISPs like Comcast and AT&T aren't playing favorites with content providers like Netflix and Hulu; those fears haven't happened yet.

"And if it did happen, that's what we have anti-trust laws for; I don't think anyone says anti-trust laws aren't effective."

Gattuso says net neutrality is really aimed at increasing government power to censor the Internet, commercially and politically. The left would like to use Obama-era laws to silence their opponents.

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