Study: Millennial Generation Lacks “Soft Skills”

Millennials may not be lazy, self-centered or cocky, as we've been told. New study results making the rounds described members of that generation as lacking basic life and workplace skills.

Author Jim Whiddon says a lot of the problem is -- the generation teaching them, the Baby Boomers, hasn't done its job.

“It is kind of eye-opening when you take a look at the soft-skill level of the current generation, the millennials in particular,” Whiddon says. “I don't think that's what we've seen with every generation. I think this one is unique.”

Whiddon trains young people, including Millennials, on how to engage others in simple conversation, how to get rid of generational words like "awesome," and how to ask great questions during a job interview.

This isn't a stupid generation, but technology has made it a much different one.

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