California Moves Toward Sanctuary State Status

California is moving closer to creating a "sanctuary state" as many of Texas' major cities push back against a sanctuary city ban in the Lone Star State.

Some believe if Houston and other Texas cities successfully block a new state law from going into effect, Texas could follow California as essentially becoming a sanctuary state.

“If they were successful, it would pretty much undermine and gut state law,” says state Sen.Charles Perry, author of SB 4.  “But we just recently had a House version at the federal level that produced almost identical language.”

Perry thinks that federal legislation will finally settle the matter and believes California is setting itself up for failure because HR 83 would cut off funding.

“That's the beauty of the union, states get to control some lattitude over how they get to adminster their laws, and California chose a different path,” he says.  “As a testiment, as many businesses and people that are leaving that state as fast as they can, I don't think its the path that a majority of its citizens want.”

Either way, he doesn't believe Texas will lose the court challenge.

“Unfortunately we're having these debates, but I'm glad to be in a state that recognizes it for what it is, it's important public policy that needs to go through.”

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