What happens to us when robots take our jobs?

We tell you consistently that technology is improving so much that robots will at one point, likely take your job. There is one aspect of this whole thing that no one seems to be talking about, though.

The question is what would we do in an era that doesn't need as many people? Do lower wage workers have the skills to compete in an automated era? Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis says it's a valid question.

“Robots can handle some things, but there has to be someone to maintain the robot. That’s a higher level skill set that is of course a higher level pay grade,” Lewis explained.

And he says if we don't give those workers those skills, it will impact the economy.

“If we don’t get people transitioned from basic to higher skilled jobs, it drags the economy down and slows its growth,” Lewis said.

He adds that we could be looking at either a recession, or years of very weak economic growth if we don't teach these workers new skills.

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