Few Americans Applying for Canadian Citizenship

Hollywood is all hat and no cattle when it comes to threats of moving to Canada after President Donald Trump was elected last November.  Neither Cher, Rosie O'Donnell nor Whoopi Goldberg have followed up on their promise.

According to Canadian immigration authorities, there has been a slight "Trump Bump" of Americans applying for citizenship north of the border, 400 per month, but that is still far lower than the 564 per month under President Barack Obama in 2011.

“We've heard this balogne from celebrities across the far left since George W. Bush, if he wins I'm moving and all of this,” says political insider Chris Begala.  “Canada is an amazing place, Vancouver and Toronto are some of the greatest cities in the world, but give me a break.”

“Don't say so in an effort to draw attention to yourself by making some ridiculous political statement, because in the end, you're full of it.”

Begala says there's no comparison to living in the U.S.A. and recent numbers prove it.

“When people who get paid millions and millions and millions for essentially winning a lottery to read words written by other people and they think they know it all, that's the celebrities, it's just a joke and another example,” he says.

Many who apply for Canadian citizenship were discouraged by the six-year waiting period to get in.

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