Smishing is Catching on as a Security Threat

"Phishing" is an email scam. "Smishing" is a texting scam. People are getting wise to email scams, but they still trust texts

Kristy Gillentine is PR director for Houston's Drive West Communications.

"People are more likely to be suspicious of an email, just because we have been so trained to be suspicious of email."

Gillentine says it's time to get wise about texts, too.

"When we receive a text we find it much more believable, much more trustworthy; we're not as supicious when we get a text versus an email."

If you get an unsolicited text asking for personal information or telling you to click on a link, just delete it.

"If it's from an institution like your bank or a store that you've done business with contact them directly, but no institution should request personal information over text message."

Now that we all carry smart phones everywhere we go, it was only a matter of time before scammers would step up efforts to target your phone number. Experts suggest you try to limit how often you give out your cell number.

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