How much time do we spend daydreaming?

Daydreaming is something we all do, but you may be surprised to learn how much time you actually spend doing it.

According to a new study it's 22 minutes a day. That's about 13 hours a week; 52 hours a month; 624 per year; and over a sixty year stretch that turns out to about four years of daydreaming. Conflict resolution specialist Veronica Sites told KTRH we do it for one simple reason.

“Stress; the fast paced world that we have and the high amount of demand that we put on ourselves without taking time to slow down,” Sites explained.

The bottom line is that we may be running ourselves down, and daydreaming may just be a natural reaction.

“It’s the body crying for help. It needs down time. Everybody has a place where they can find that calm,” Sites said.

Some of our top daydreams include winning the lottery, going on vacation, traveling somewhere exotic, quitting our jobs, and yes, even sex.

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