When did ‘Fake News’ really start?

We have been talking a lot about fake news over the last year. President Trump used fake news as a rallying cry during last year’s Presidential campaign, and he continues to Tweet about it today.

But when did this all really start?

Some, like journalist Sharyl Atkisson believe it started with the 1992 Presidential campaign when the Clinton team tried to discredit people like Gennifer Flowers. She tells KTRH the Clinton team’s blue print is being followed to the letter by the mainstream media today.

“It’s learned how to distribute narratives to news organizations in a line where it becomes part of the public consciousness,” Atkisson explained.

But, Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative review says you can trace it back to the Reagan-Carter campaign of 1980.

“That was part of the fake news era. They were making stuff up. The media was accusing Reagan of being mentally unstable,” Polland stated.

So what's the big difference between them and now?

“Media has gone totally in the tank ideologically. It used to be that media would report the news,” Polland explained.

And now Polland says news and opinion seem to be blended together. Polland says the result of that is what you see today, and why Trump is fighting back the way he is.

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