Texans Keep Giving Year-Around

We're more aware of the need to give during holidays, like Christmas, but Texans still try to help when the weather warms up. It's less spontaneous giving and the money is more likely to go to an organization we have a relationship with -- like our university.

Larry Vaclavik is managing principal with the fundraising consulting group Dini Spheris in Houston. He says we are sometimes financially distracted.

“Added financial expectations, vacations, travel, cruises, all of those kinds of things,” Vaclavik says, “and that doesn't necessarily limit their giving, it simply captures their attention for the summer months.”

Despite those distractions, Texans are still generous in the summer months, giving billions to those who need the help. Summer giving is sometimes more focused on organizations we have a relationship with.

“(That) They've been engaged with, Star of Hope, Salvation Army, or they've been engaged with their university,” he gives, as examples.

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