Food for the Fourth – Bring on the BBQ

Texans walk their own path when it comes to food on the Fourth of July.  You ask most Americans what they're going to eat on the holiday, they say burgers. 

Consumer insights analyst Carson Yarbrough with [] says we like burgers fine, but barbecue is the favorite.

“Thirty-two percent of Texans are going to be eating barbecue on the Fourth of July,” Yarbrough says, “followed by burgers, 22%, which is a little bit different than American average, (since) most Americans prefer burgers and hotdogs on the Fourth of July.”

A survey conducted by the website finds we’re willing to spend a little extra for brisket.

“Texans are going to be spending an average of $111 this Fourth of July,” she says.  “The average is $90.”

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