Your Groceries Brought Right to Your Door

Grocery stores have been slammed throughout the extended holiday Fourth of July weekend, and as the nation’s 241st birthday celebration reaches its apex tomorrow you can expect them to be packed to the max today. But there’s an easier way to get everything you need for the family get-together without all that stress. There’s an app for that.

Shop online, with your computer, phone or tablet, and have all the food delivered to your doorstep today. Increasingly, this is the way we’re grocery shopping, with most major retailers jumping in big time. Today is as good a time as any to jump into the growing trend, though be aware there are some areas of Houston that may not be included in delivery areas.

Dacyl Armendariz is a passionate spokesperson for Instacart, which provides delivery for a number of stores in the Houston area, including Whole Foods, Costco, CVS, H.E.B., Central Market, Petco, Spec’s, Total Wine and More, Snap Kitchen, Rice Epicurean Market and Kriser’s Natural Pets.  Armendariz says the service was perfect for her holiday Thanksgiving plans last November.  ““I started my grocery shopping weeks ahead.  And then I scheduled it to be delivered the day before Thanksgiving and I didn’t have to go to the grocery store and battle with everyone else doing their grocery shopping.”

It’s $5.99 for an order of $35 or more, but for Instacart and many stores your first order is delivered for free. You say you’re a picky shopper and hesitate to let someone else pick out the perfect avocados for Grandma’s guacamole recipe? They thought of that.  “We train our shoppers to help them pick the very best produce for our customers.  Because, if you’re letting someone else do your grocery shopping you want those groceries to show up with the same freshness that you would chose for yourself,” she tells KTRH News.

With Amazon moving into the grocery business with their purchase of Whole Foods last month, expect to see more and more Americans transition to delivery services as part of how we bring home the bacon.

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