A PETA Billboard Warns Beef Lovers

The animal rights extremist group PETA has rented a billboard in Dallas/Fort Worth suggesting eating beef causes sexual dysfunction. But it probably won't change many minds.

Dr. David Anderson is an Ag economist at Texas A&M.

"If you're heading out to try to hit another barbecue joint to get a stamp for your Top 50 Texas Monthly barbecue joints it probably isn't going to stop you from running that way."

Dr. Anderson says it probably won't benefit PETA as much as the billboard owner.

"I think it's good for the billboard sellers, those guys; I think it's good for them. But I think it's hard to tell that we see an impact from a lot of these things."

In this one it's a cow in bed with a couple. In North Carolina the billboard has a pig in bed with a couple; in Atlanta it's a chicken.

Dr. Anderson at A&M says it probably won't change many minds, but you never know.

"Hey, ya know, I've certainly seen businesses that advertise on billboards and I need that so I call. So, ya know, it seems to be an effective way of advertising but do these really change the bigger picture of meat demand or beef demand?"

PETA says it's only trying to remind you that meat and dairy can clog arteries.

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