Many Vets Won't Celebrate with Fireworks

While most of us look forward to fireworks displays, it can be a literal nightmare for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

San Antonio psychiatrist Dr. Harry Croft says sufferers are often in a state of "hyper arousal":

"One that most people are familiar with is being easily startled by touches in the back, or loud unexpected noises.  One of those might well be fireworks."

He says even if they are bracing for the loud noises, it can still be too much:

"Even then, they have difficulty; they might jump, they might flinch; they might fall to the ground into a defensive position."

Dr. Croft says the veterans should warn family members, especially children that they may not be able to handle fireworks displays, so the kids don't blame themselves if the family has to leave a July 4th celebration early.

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