Be Careful with Those Explosives!

It's the time of year when fireworks stands are open to long lines of people who load up on firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other explosives. 

Trauma surgeon Dr. Ethan Taub at the McGovern Medical School at UT Health says even sparklers are not as tame as they appear:

 "They get pretty hot and they can reach 1800 degrees.  That's hot enough to melt gold, so they can certainly cause some damage."

He says doctors are bracing for all kinds of injuries:

"We see a considerable amount of eye  injuries; some patients even progressing to complete blindness from fireworks as well as a lot of hand injuries, burns to the face, to the hands and arms."

Dr. Taub warns that you should always have a hose nearby, and make sure only one or two people are in charge of lighting the fireworks.

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