Where to Go On Vacation This Summer

It’s that time of year.  People are heading off on their summer vacations, or making plans if not done earlier.  It turns out, overwhelmingly, people mostly want the same thing out a summer vacation: as little as possible.

An Associated Press-NORC poll finds that two-thirds of Americans want to relax and rest on their summer vacation.  We’re looking to destress, not pile on.

A WalletHub survey asking where people would like to vacation most puts Las Vegas at the top of the list, but Houston is in the top 10 at number seven.  Why not stay in Houston to vacation?  It’s a world class city, with world class restaurants, and world class museums and galleries, and world class culture.  And depending on your plans, you might get away without the expense of an overnight stay.

“Houston is filled with a ton of great staycation ideas.  And then just down the road you have Galveston, the beach, it always feels like a nice getaway from the big city,” says Leah Shaw, PR Manager for Visit Houston.  People pay a lot of money to make Houston their vacation destination, and you’re already here.  When was the last time you checked out the sights?  “A great way to travel with your family is to get a City Pass,” she chimes in.  “That allows you access to all of the attractions, including Space Center Houston.  They’ve got some new exhibits.”

Now you’re talking!  Are you feeling less stress already?

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