Law Schools are seeing fewer Applicants

It's not exactly a lawyer shortage -- and if it were cynics would call that a good thing -- but nationally fewer students are graduating law school and jobs are harder to find.

Attorney Alistair Dawson is president of the Houston Bar Association. He says the recession hit harder nationally than it did here.

"I do not think there are less jobs in Houston; I think we've recovered well from the '08 recession."

Dawson is biased, but he says cost is the only reason not to go to law school.

"If you're interested in it I think you should go to law school; if you have a passion for the legal profession as a college student then you should go to law school because I think there are opportunities out there for you."

But Dawson says there's no doubt, fewer students are graduating from law school these days.

"When I graduated from law school we had roughly 550 students in each class at the University of Texas; now that number is roughly 340ish."

Many of the nation's top law schools charge more than $250,000 to graduate.

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