Check Local Guidelines Before Blowing Off Fireworks

The are no local fire bans this Fourth of July weekend, but the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office says that doesn't give residents free rein to blow of fireworks anytime or anywhere.

Most everyone knows fireworks are outlawed inside the city limits of Houston, but the rules can get confusing out in the suburbs. That's why fire marshal's spokeswoman Rachel Moreno says you should call your local police or check your address on the fire marshal's website.

“If you see anything that comes up with city of Houston fire department or Houston police, you know you're actually in the city of Houston and it will be illegal to pop fireworks, so that's one way that you can check to see if it's legal to in fact shoot fireworks in your area,” says Moreno.

“Jersey Village is an actual city, so they will have their own specific rules,” she says.  “Tomball is part of unincorporated Harris County, parts of it, but in the city of Tomball they may have different rules too.”

However, Moreno says most places allow residents to celebrate Independence Day, as long as things don't get out of hand.

“I'm sure it's on a complaint basis that if you're in a city and your neighbor complains that they will come out and enforce those rules, or if they happen to be driving by,” she says.

She says the safest bet is to enjoy the fireworks put on by your local municipality.

If you do blow off fireworks, Moreno says always follow recommendations from the manufacturer.  Also, be ready with a bucket of water, not only for putting a potential fire, but to throw used fireworks into for soaking overnight.

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