POLL: Are Republicans blowing it?

Republicans in Washington have been promising to repeal and replace Obamacare for more than six years now. But, they are having trouble delivering on that promise. And, some are afraid they are blowing a golden opportunity.

It comes down to the different factions in the party, and their inability to agree on things. Todd Starnes of Fox News tells KTRH that they haven't figured out one very important thing now that they control the House of Representatives, Senate and White House.

“Republicans don’t know how to govern. Many of them are more concerned about appeasing Democrats,” Starnes explained.

Starnes says this has consequences down the road, and doesn't care that Republicans haven't lost any of the special elections we've had this year.

“They’re winning by small margins in what should be Republican strongholds. That’s a concern, and I think that’s a message that Republicans are trying to send to Washington,” Starnes said, adding that  unless the GOP gets their act together, those midterms that are looming next year may not go as well as the party hopes.

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