Happy 10th Birthday, iPhone!

Over the last decade many Americans have discovered they can't live without their iPhone. It's indispensable. Computer World columnist Evan Schuman says Apple is very good at marketing.

“Apple is best at, if nothing else, creating something that the consumer will need and demand, even if they never knew that before,” Schuman says. “Creating something out of nothing -- they're very good at that.”

The iPhone first went on sale 10 years ago today.

Schuman says that’s a powerful computer you hold in your hand.

“Your phone is every bit as much of a computer as your laptop,” he points out. “Taking any definition of a computer, your smartphone has got that in spades.”

Maybe we should worry about our privacy?

“This is a device that knows where you've been,” he says. “It has a history of that. It knows where you are and, if you're using any kind of navigational app, it knows where you're going.”

Here's a look back at then Apple creator Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007.

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