Will You even have a Smart Phone in 10 Years?

As Apple celebrates the iPhone's 10th anniversary this week tech experts wonder what the next ten years might bring. Before the iPhone few imagined a service like Uber -- a multi-billion dollar company made possible by the smart phone.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says the phone of the future may not be a physical device as we think of it now.

"It's voice activation and where I see it going is this voice activation system may not be in a phone, it may be in our everyday products. When we get in our cars we could talk to our cars and they could give us that feedback of where we're going and what information we want."

Garfield says voice assistants like Siri and Alexa could be in lots of devices and we might be able to do much of what we do now on a touch screen with just our voices.

"I think we're going to rely less and less on the physical handset of the phone. Our minds may be able to be read within the next ten years; I know to some extent it is right now; our eyes are being recognized, our thumbprints are being recognized."

Garfield says artificial intelligence in software will allow voice assistants to spread to lots of devices where they aren't now. He says his current thermostat has Alexa built in.

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