POLL: Is there a ‘Civil War’ coming?

Maybe on its face the question would cause you to think, ‘Of course not.” But there are others who are very, very worried.

The liberal left has been at war against America for decades. Given the violence we have seen in protests since Donald Trump was elected as President, some think a 'civil war' is coming, Activist Pamela Geller, who was the force behind the 'Draw Muhammad' contest in Garland attacked by terrorists is one of those, and explains why.

“For years, political violence has been sanctioned by the media and academia as long as it’s on the left,” Geller explained to KTRH News.

Don Hooper at Big Jolly Politics thinks Geller is right to a degree. He thinks it will be contained to certain places.

“The battlegrounds will be college institutions and more liberal places of thought and belief,” Hooper said, adding you are more likely to see this sort of thing in New York City or California as opposed to Houston, Texas.

Geller says that for too long, the right has been too nice, and it's time to stand up for what they believe in.

“I do think we have to get off the defense and go on the offense. I’m not saying to do it in a violent way. But we have to take back the law. We have to take back law and order,” Geller said.

Because Geller says being passive and hoping the kind of violence the left has brought to the table will just go away simply hasn't worked.

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