Less love Campbell's Soup the way you remember

The love we have for Campbell's soup is apparently generational. Baby Boomers who watched the commercials for decades still smile at the thought of hot chicken noodle soup and crackers.

Because millennials see most of their advertisements on line, they are less aware of the old stand-by. Also, says Houston independent marketing consultant Bill Fogarty, soup loves were angered when health considerations took a bite out of the taste.

“Not too long ago,” Fogarty says, “after all the salt haters screamed for 10 years, they finally had to reduce the sodium in their soup, which obviously diminished the taste.”

The red-and-white cans were iconic, but decades of television ads don't impact younger generations. As a brand in 2017, Campbell's soup is just ranked 27th overall -- still pretty good, but nothing like the past.

“It's kind of hard for them to reach the younger audiences because their media habits are considerably different,” he says.

Millennials get a lot of their impressions from the Internet, not television.

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