Fire Ants

Here's the Texas Two-Step process for fire ant control. It was developed by researchers at Texas A&M University. 

      Most fire ant controls sold at nurseries and garden centers simply offer one step in the process. By administering the right combination of two steps, you get as close to complete control over these critters as you can. 

     If you're just using granular controls, you need to add another step. If you're just using baits, you need another step. If you're just using poisons or drenches, you need that second step. 

     The basic Texas Two Step plan for controlling fire ants is

  1. Broadcast bait over the entire landscape.
  2. Apply poison/insecticide directly on mounds you see.

Here are two quick little charts you can use with confidence: 

Randy's Broadcast Choices

  • Bifenthrin (a.k.a. Talstar)
  • Granular Deltamethrin
  • Granular Permethrin
  • Amdro
  • Logic
  • Spinosid (the only true organic broadcast bait - hard to find)
  • Randy's Individual Mound Treatments
  • Any liquid insecticide
  • Liquid Permethrin
  • Liquid Cypermethrin
  • Acephate powders (e.g. Orthene)
  • Lamda-Cyolothrin (e.g. Demand Pestab)
  • D-Limonine (e.g. Citrex - one of only a few true organics for fire ants)
  • If you'd like to do a little further research, check the fire ants section on the Texas A&M Web site.

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