Rain, some flooding expected throughout weekend

Expect more rain Sunday. Harris County was issued a Flash Flood Warning till 6:45 a.m. but rain remains in the forecast for a few days, which could mean flooding in some parts of Houston and Harris County. By 6a.m., areas along the North Loop East were already seeing 4 inches of rain.

The National Weather Service says two new storms are about to "collide over downtown Houston."

Saturday morning, Harris County was also issued a Flash Flood Warning until 11a.m., but light rain remained through most of Saturday. 

Temperatures will continue to hover around 90 throughout the weekend, still lower than normal for this time of year. 

Keep umbrellas handy and watch for flooding in your area by clicking the map below: 

Map courtesy of Harris County Flood Warning System

Saturday, more than 4.3 inches of rain fell over Lake Houston. More inches are expected in the coming days.

Check KTRH StormWatch for the lastest:

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