Terror Attacks in Europe Taking Toll on Americans

A new Gallup Poll shows Americans are more fearful now of terror attacks at crowded event than they were after 9/11.

Thirty-eight percent of Americans say the threat of terrorism makes them less likely to attend large sporting events and concerts due in part to recent attacks in Europe.  In the year following 9/11, that number held steady around 30 percent.

“The goal of the terrorist is to kill one and frighten 10,000 and so I think its affecting the perception here in this country, no question about it,” says Dr. Jeffrey Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University in San Antonio.

But Addicott urges Americans not to give in to their fear.

“You have to conduct your life in accordance with normal procedures, and that's what the Israelis have learned, they're under constant threat.  This is the new normal unfortunately for the West,” he says.

According to Gallup, fears have grown in the years since the Boston Marathon bombing and Pulse nightclub massacre.

“My biggest fear is not the small time attacks that we're going to see here in this country,” says Addicott.  “I'm looking at ISIS central that will conduct a weapon of mass destruction attack that is going to be well-cordinated as we saw on 911, and that will kill many, many people in this country.”

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