Love and Marriage and Weight Gain

It's not unusual for spouses to gain weight after marriage, but relationship experts say nagging probably won't get your partner to lose weight.

Houston marriage counselor Nancy Pina says being direct could lead to violence.

"You do not tell your spouse, especially a newlywed, that you're too fat."

Pina says a gentle suggestion about exercise is the best approach.

"You can do some fun activities together that get you outside, perhaps walking after dinner or bike riding or running -- something fun that you both like to do."

Pina says nagging your spouse probably won't get him or her to lose weight.

"Just because you're nagging about it will make them not want to do it even more so that's definitely not the approach -- even though you're doing it from a sincere heart and you're doing it for the longevity of your spouse and for their overall well-being and health."

A European study found married men gain about 35 pounds more than single men soon after marriage.

How about a health pre-nup: both agree not to gain too much weight over a certain period -- before they get married.

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