Liberal loathing of Trump backfires

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, liberals simply loathe President Donald Trump, and that hatred is coming back to bite them.

In fact, KTRH's Rush Limbaugh says the Democrats have become the 'largest hate group in the country.'

“After every success they have, nothing is ever enough. No amount of success ever makes them happy,” Limbaugh said this week.

This loathing isn't going well for them; they haven't won any of the special Congressional elections that have been held this year. Political analyst Jacquie Baly says it's because voters don't like how the Dems have attacked Trump.

“They’ve also attacked his child and his wife. This is personal,” Baly explained. “They are the new haters and I love it. Voters are now rejecting them.”

Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak told KTRH the Dems have simply become the party of no.

“The risk for democrats is they are not taking advantage of President Trump’s historically low approval ratings. Their entire identity is defined by opposition to what Donald Trump wants to do, no matter what it is,” Mackowiak said, adding Democrats haven’t proposed anything new in terms of policy since Trump has taken office.

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