Total Solar Eclipse is a Big Deal

For just a few moments on august 21st, the moon will pass between the earth and sun, creating a total eclipse. It’s a rare event.

NASA scientist Dr. Nicholeen Viall says the best plan for that day is to put yourself in the path of the eclipse.

“The path of totality comes in, say, in Oregon, goes across 14 states,” Viall says, “and exits South Carolina.”

This is a major event for the scientists.

“When you're talking totality,” she explains, “the moon blocks all of the main body of the sun and you just see all of the solar corona around it.”

The shadow of the moon will change the middle of that day so dramatically, it will look like a moon-lit night. The eclipse will be visible in Houston, even though we are about 700 miles south of the path of totality.

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