Republicans Consider Working Through August Recess

Republicans in Congress are now considering working through the August recess in an effort to pass parts of their agenda.  This idea was first pushed by the House Freedom Caucus, and is now gaining support from within the White House.

“We should work weekends, every weekend in June, every weekend in July, just stay as long as it takes to repeal and replace Obamacare, to make sure the annual spending bills for the federal government are passed and our military is funding, particularly at a time like this,” says Congressman John Culberson, TX-7.

“Repeal and replace and cutting taxes has got to be done as soon as possible, and the best way to do it is to stay here and work weekends, vote everyday all day long and stay here over the summer if necessary,” he says.

Congressman Brian Babin, TX-36, also is willing to cancel his summer plans.  “If we can have a productive August and pass legislation, I am absolutely in favor that,” he says.

Babin takes offense to anyone who believes the Trump administration and Republican-majority Congress are missing an opportunity in Washington.

“This president has been effective, this Congress is being effective,” he says.  “Can we be more effective?  Absolutely yes, and we've got to get on the same page and get these bills passed.”

The biggest question is whether they can get all 52 Senate Republicans to agree to stay if needed.

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