How Much Rain From Cindy? Depends Where You Are

Wildly varying rainfall totals are predicted for the greater Houston area as Tropical Storm Cindy prepares for landfall.

The Livingston/Lake Livingston area, for example, may sit under a stalled or slow-moving system -- and get drenched. However, spots west of Houston, like Katy, may get less than half-inch of total precipitation.

That's according to a deep-dive of the National Hurricane Center's extended discussion of the storm as part of its pre-midnight update Wednesday.

Cindy's overall pattern "has changed little" tonight and "still resembles a subtropical cyclone," according to NHC.

"Landfall is expected near the Louisiana-Texas border in 6-12 hours. After landfall occurs, Cindy is forecast to turn northward, and by 24-36 hours should accelerate northeastward across the Tennessee River Valley," the NHC says.

The estimated landfall time illustrates the storm's prerogative to change it mind. The NHC estimate translates to landfall as late as 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. Thursday. That's a potentially wide window for more rain and wind over the areas it passes.

Regardless, "little change in strength is expected before Cindy makes landfall," the NHC says. "Thereafter, gradual weakening should occur until the cyclone merges with a cold front over the eastern United States."

Meanwhile, Texas and Louisiana watch and wait.

The primary threat associated with Cindy?

"Heavy rainfall," the NHC maintains.

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