Houston to Join Sanctuary Cities Lawsuit

Houston is joining the lawsuit over Texas' new sanctuary cities ban.

The City Council voted in favor of the action Wednesday, with Mayor Sylvester Turner saying Houston had to address the issue. 

"There are some things that may not be of your choosing, but end up on your plate," said Turner.  "It’s unfortunate, but when it ends up on your plate you have to address it."

San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and El Paso County have already sued Texas over Senate Bill 4, which is set to go into effect in September.

Council Member Steve Le was one of six members who voted against joining the lawsuit.

"We have to have some orderly fashion to get people into America," he said.  "We cannot be the next Europe; we cannot have an increase in crime and terrorism."

One council member abstained from voting.  "We lead by doing the right thing in this city, we don't need to join in lawsuits and serve people to make a point," said Councilman Jack Christie.

A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled next Monday. 

President Donald Trump has already ordered the Justice Department to file briefs in support of the state of Texas and SB 4.

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