F-16 Catches Fire at Ellington Field; Pilot Ejects

A pilot ejected from an F-16 that caught fire on takeoff Wednesday from Ellington Field.

The pilot has been hospitalized with undisclosed injuries.

The Houston Fire Department is assisting Houston Airport System personnel, the Texas Air National Guard and Johnson Space Center security on the scene, where the fighter jet was on fire at a grassy area near the runway.

Ellington Field was closed after the incident.

"We have evacuated Hangar 990 because of its proximity to the crash site," according to  statement from Johnson Space Center. "No NASA personnel were hurt, nor was any NASA property damaged."

"Employees should avoid travel to Ellington Field in the near future," the JCS said. "Authorities have closed Genoa Red Bluff Road from Highway 3 to Space Center Boulevard."

Ellington Field is a joint reserve base that is the garrison for the 147th Reconnaissance Wing.

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