POLL: Many of Us Don’t Know How Much We Should Tip

You face the question nearly every day -- who gets a tip and how much do you give them? Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman says 18 percent is the new standard, but you shouldn't be influenced by factors like the suggested amount on your bill -- or by stories about celebrities who leave big tips.

“Now, I don't think that we as a society need to feel compelled to over-tip because somebody else is doing it,” Gottsman says. “Not everybody can leave $500 for a tip.”

It is something you should consider.

“It not an obligation,” she points out, “but if that person knows you, calls you by name, has your coffee ready by the time you walk up, you're going to want to do something.”

You also have the right to say, “No,” when the service is bad. If you don't leave a tip, you could be "tip-shamed" online, but that shouldn't direct the amount you leave behind.

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