Tropical Storm Watch Up for High Island, La. Coast

Monday 5:18 p.m. update:

A tropical storm watch is in effect from High Island, Texas, to Intracoastal City, Louisiana.

A tropical storm warning is in effect from the mouth of the Pearl River to Intracoastal City.

That puts part of the KTRH listening area in the "cone of uncertainty." Forecasters are looking at a possible Wednesday afternoon landfall.

The track is uncertain, however, meaning all points along the Gulf Coast are monitoring developments.

The National Hurricane Center expects a pair of two tropical storm systems to form over the next couple of days. 

One is currently bringing heavy rains to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. People in the region are being told to prepare for possible flooding and downpours.

Another tropical development is possible over the Central Atlantic near the equator. Heavy rains are predicted for Trinidad and Tobago and other southeastern Caribbean islands.


A tropical system is forecast to be forming in the Gulf of Mexico this week. The National Hurricane Center says the low pressure system off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula has a 90-percent chance of developing into a tropical storm by Thursday.

"People should just monitor the progress of this system. It's not currently very strong and well-defined. So we're going to have to wait and see where it really tries to consolidate."

Richard Pasch with the National Hurricane Center in Miami says there is no defined center to the system, so it's difficult to predict its path.

"The environment in the northern and northwestern Gulf is not that favorable for significant strengthening, but we could certainly see some development here. And we're going to have a reconnaissance aircraft take a look at the system if necessary later on today."

A second wave is also moving across the Atlantic and could bring tropical storm conditions to the southern Windward Islands by tonight.

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