No “Digital Detox” for Americans on Vacation

Even when we're on vacation, we just don't put down the phone. Our wireless devices follow us everywhere and we keep using them.

Vacation never serves as a “digital detox.” Owner Michele Price says the question of putting the phone down goes away when our communication devices are wearable -- or, even smaller.

“It's literally going to become a part of how you communicate,” Price says, “therefore you're not going to find yourself having to defend am I online or offline anymore.”

She explains, “Because it's not going to be about picking up a phone any more, it's going to be on you as you're walking.”

Price says she has no problem turning off the phone or tablet for vacation. She leaves clear instructions for employees she trusts and her time becomes her own.

The use of the device is a bigger part of the problem than the actual communication.

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