ESPN Turns Left to Attract Younger Viewers

When you think of football you might think John Wayne. When you think of leftists you might picture the boy in the onesie signing up for Obamacare. Apparently ESPN is now targeting the boy in the onesie.

Media critic Jeff McCall says sports coverage shouldn't lean left or right.

"I think the big question here is whether the sports arena, either the games or the broadcasting of sports, is a great place for social political activism."

ESPN denies it, but some lefties are now proudly pointing to the sports network's lefty politics. McCall says you'd think ESPN would learn from its loss of subscribers.

"Part of that is just people cutting the cord but I don't think there's any doubt the politicization ESPN has pushed at times has been part of that."

McCall says sports should unify us and help us escape politics.

"And no doubt last year the NFL was a highly polarized political environment with Colin Kaepernick and the election and I don't think there's any doubt the NFL ratings took a hit partly because of the politics injected into the broadcasts and the game itself."

Some supporters say ESPN should be proud of its left-leaning status to attract younger viewers.

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