UH Study: Texas Population to Double by 2050

A new study shows Texas will remain one of the nation's fastest-growing states -- but older and more ethnically diverse at the same time.

Dr. Jim Granato, director of the University of Houston's Hobby School for Public Policy, says the state's population could double to about 50 million by 2050 -- helped in large part by retiring Baby Boomers who will choose to live mainly in the state's metro areas.

“We're going to have to worry about roads and various infrastructure issues for sure,” he says.  “But with the aging population you're looking at greater strains on healthcare, but also the tax base will have to expand to accommodate that.”

The study, “Projections of the Population of Texas and Counties in Texas by Age, Sex, and Race/Ethnicity from 2010 to 2050,” finds the Houston metro area could balloon to more than 14 million people.  Austin could outgrow San Antonio.

“The Texas population is about 27 million, and what's interesting is by 2030 the Texas population has the same size population as California, so you're looking at almost a doubling of the population over 40 years,” says Granato.

The face of Texas also will look much different.

“The Anglo population in 2010 was about 45 percent of the total for Texas, and by 2050 it goes from 45 to 22,” he says.  “Hispanics on the other hand go from about 38 percent in 2010 to about 55 percent.”

Granato says its important Texas policymakers stay on top of the trends to prepare for what's coming.

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