Where do we stand on healthcare reform?

The Senate has promised to come up with a different health care bill than the one the House passed recently, and President Trump reportedly told Senators he wants their plan to be less mean. So what would a new plan, one drawn up by the Senate look like?

Trump apparently made that statement to Republican Senators this week. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong from Galveston is a doctor who is in Washington this week meeting with Administration officials, and told KTRH what the new plan could look like.

“You will see some Medicaid reform. I know folks say that kicks a lot of poor people off the rolls, but that’s not the case,” Armstrong said.

So when will this all get done?

“The Senate is on an aggressive timetable. You don’t hear that in the media right now, but they are trying to get this passed in the Senate by July 31st,” Armstrong explained, adding that the entire bill could be signed, sealed and delivered by the end of the year.

And maybe the sooner the better. The latest Milliman Medical Index, which measures the cost of employer sponsored PPO plans, is now almost $27K a year. Your costs are almost 12 thousand dollars a year, which works out to about $973 a month.

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