Sleep More – Make More Money

Saying you will make more money if you sleep one extra hour a night gets a response of – “maybe” -- from one workplace expert. There probably isn't a magic number to fit everyone.

Mojo Media Labs founder Mike Rose says it can vary from person to person.

Warren Buffett would say if we're not coming to a conclusion, why don't you go home and get some sleep, or make sure that you're making money while you're sleeping,” Rose says. “I think as long as you're working well with others and you're being productive, then you're probably getting enough sleep -- as much as you need.”

Rose says it's probably a case of bravado to say you only need three-to-four hours of sleep per night. He does say if you're better-rested you're likely to perform better and that could mean a promotion or raise.

How much sleep is the best amount? It changes, depending on the person you’re speaking with.

“President Trump says, four hours, Elon Musk says seven hours,” he says, adding, “J.J. Watt of the Texans would say 12 hours during training camp.”

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