POLL: Should you take a vacation to Mexico?

A gruesome discovery in Mexico has security analysts wondering if that trip you are planning to Mexico is really a good idea.

That discovery was a pair of severed heads found two blocks from the tourist zone of Cabo San Lucas. Kevin Mellott of ERASE Enterprises told KTRH Mexico is seeing a lot of violence lately, and it’s all over the country.

“The ongoing violence in the urban areas is a result of the cartels fighting for control for transportation routes throughout Mexico,” Mellott explained.

So if you're looking for a new spot to take vacation, which areas should you avoid besides Mexico? Mellott has some suggestions.

“Stay out of Venezuela right now. They’ve got so much civil unrest that even though they have some nice resorts off the coast, you don’t want to pass through the country,” Mellott said.

And he also says you should be wary of taking a trip to certain parts of Brazil because of the crime problems they have in their urban areas.

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