'Heavenly Father,' 'Lord' Banned from Grad Speech

Attacks on Christianity this graduation season have extended even to the commencement speakers.

A Pennsylvania student was denied the right to deliver a prayer she wrote that mentioned the “heavenly father” and the “Lord.”

Moriah Bridges, a 17-year-old at Beaver High School in Pennsylvania, was barred from giving the commencement speech.

The school district sparked a national outcry by claiming the passages were not permissible at a public high school.

In an era of outreach and accommodation for Muslims, critics say, we're limiting the freedoms of Christians.

Critics locally see a trend.

Dave Welch of the U.S. Pastor Council of Houston says the educators were wrong on both faith and the law.

Welch tells NewsRadio 740 KTRH that even the Founding Fathers would support students making such speeches.

The young graduate is now being defended by the First Liberty Institute – with lawyers with that advocacy group seeking a meeting with school officials.

Welch notes that courts regularly side with students on matter of free expression, even if it’s tied to a school or school function.

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